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Crypto Gift Cards

In the VGO shop you are able to buy Crypto gift cards to get to your Crypto currency in a fast and secure way. The Bitcoin codes are available in the values of 10 €, 25 €, 50 € and 100 €. The Crypto Voucher can be immediately and safely transferred to your wallet using the Crypto Voucher Code, which you can purchase at The amount you have selected in euros will be transferred to your wallet at the corresponding rate of the respective crypto currency.

Crypto Gift Cards - Bitcoin Voucher

The Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital, decentralized currency and the first one of the cryptocurrencies. It is based on blockchain technology and it is not, like most other currencies, controlled by governments or central banks. Another benefit is the safety against inflation, as the bitcoin is limited to a quantity of 21 million. The Bitcoin and the associated Bitcoin voucher can therefore not be controlled or manipulated. You can use the Bitcoin code as an investment or buy different types of goods completely anonymously. For example, in the VGO-Shop you can buy Bitcoins (BTC) with credit card by purchasing Bitcoin vouchers. In this way, you also acquire maximum privacy.

Validity of Crypto Gift Cards Codes:

The Crypto gift cards, which you can purchase at VGO-Shop, have unlimited validity, so you can, for example, redeem and use the Bitcoin voucher at a later date.

Redeem Crypto Gift Cards Codes:

You can redeem your purchased Crypto gift card codes at, where you only need to insert the code which has been sent to your inserted e-mail address. Afterwards you will be asked for the address of your wallet and the amount of e.g. Bitcoin (BTC) credit will be added to your wallet.

Buy Crypto Gift cards and receive them within seconds:

You do not have much time? Then you are exactly right at VGO-Shop, because if you buy a Crypto gift card, you will receive it lightning fast. The purchased code will be sent to you within a few seconds after successful payment to your e-mail address stored in the shop. Due to the automatic shipping, this is possible 24 hours a day, all week long.

Use various payment methods to buy Crypto Gift Cards:

At VGO-Shop, you can buy the Crypto Voucher to use as a bitcoin gift card, for example. Currently it is possible to pay the Bitcoin codes via Sofort, PaySafeCard, credit card or via PayPal. In this way, the VGO-Shop offers many possibilities, to increase your Bitcoin credit.
Buy Crypto gift cards und use them immediately