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Easily recharge your Playstation Network Balance with prepaid PSN Card

The PlayStation is one of the most popular and famous gaming consoles around. Be it to play some of the most advanced games on your own or to team up and play with others. However, one of the best features of the newer PlayStation models is the fact, that they have internet access and their own store, called the PlayStation Network or PSN.

What is the PlayStation Network?

The PlayStation Network or PSN is a store and network, exclusively for the PlayStation. Like the AppStore for smartphones or other gaming consoles, the PSN provides access to downloadable content or DLC as well as to games, applications and information. While some of these services are free of charge, a lot of software and programs require a payment. While the credit card is still an easy to use method, to pay such fees and costs, not everyone does have one. Especially minors do not usually have an own credit card and then again, an increasing amount of people is more careful, when it comes to share personal information on the net. This is where the PSN Card UK comes in handy.

What is a PSN Voucher?

A PSN Voucher is basically a prepaid PlayStation Network card, that can be used to top up your personal account balance within the store. The PlayStation Network Card can be seen as a prepaid PSN Card UK, that is valid for a single use. The biggest advantage of the PlayStation Plus Card is, that you can use it without having to provide any personal information or a credit card number. This way you can recharge your account without any fear about your privacy and even children, who do not possess a credit card, can use their pocket money, to buy the card for themselves.

PS4 PlayStation Plus

Like with the common PlayStation Netowork, there is also a PlayStation Plus Card for use with PS4 PlayStation Plus Services. This means, that there is no restriction at all in the usage of the PSN Network. You just have to make sure that you select the right card, make a decision for the amount you need or want and purchase your card. The voucher code, you then receive with your card, can be used to add the bought funds to your account.

Where and how to get PSN Cards

Buying the PSN Network cards is fairly easy. On VGO-Shop we offer a great amount of prepaid PSN Network Cards for both PSN and PSN Plus Networks. All you have to do, is select the desired card of your choice and for the PSN UK Store. That's it. After you have made your payment, you will receive your card electronically by email and can then use it immediately, to recharge your account. During the whole process, neither Sony nor the PSN will get to know any of your personal information. In addition to that, using PSN prepaid cards, does allow for a better cost control, because you always know your account balance and it only gets recharged, if you are adding a new prepaid voucher.