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League of Legends LoL Card 20€ Euro 2800 Riot Points
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NCsoft NCoin Card Karte 25€ Euro


Livraison: - Digital par e-mail

Activation: - NCsoft

Région: - Mondial

Validité: - Sans limite de validité

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The virtual currency NCoin allows you to make purchases in many of NCSoft's AAA games like Blade & Soul, Wildstar, Aion or Lineage II.

Additionally, select cards will also receive a special bonus item for your chosen game as a Thank You for being an NCoin card purchaser! For example, Blade & Soul players could receive 3 Free Scorching Dragon Soup and 20 Soulstones, and Aion players may get a Free Omega Enchantment Stone.


  • Un compte NCsoft
  • Une connexion internet


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26,99 EUR