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Questions regarding the code

I lost my code – where can I find it?

The codes will be sent by e-mail (please also check your spam folder) and they are always visible in your customer account in our shop: My account -> Orders -> Proceed to order 

The code does not work – what I can do?

If the code is not recognized, please check alternative spellings, e.g. instead of the number "0" the letter "O". Please also check if the code is suitable for your region. If the code is still not accepted, please contact our support.

How can I activate the code
Under the point „Activation“ on the detail page of the respective product, you can normally find a link deposited, which leads you to the activation page. There you are going to be able to redeem the purchased code.

Questions regarding the order

I have transfered the money via money transfer online – why haven't I received the goods so far?

Please take note that a bank transfer requires at least one bank business day. We check our incoming payments several times a day. Once the money is received, the goods will be shipped.

I have already paid the money via PayPal – why haven't I received the goods so far?
PayPal occasionally execute random checks on payments and as a result, the money is withheld and not credited to us. Therefore, we must wait for the release of PayPal until we can ship the goods. It may be helpful for the customer to contact PayPal and ask for the payment to be released.
Can I exchange my purchased code?

Unfortunately we can not refund or exchange codes which have already been sent. More information can be found in our terms and conditions under the point 3. Right of withdrawal. The reason is, that codes which have already been sent, are not suitable for resale because they are no longer exclusively in our hands and therefore we can not guarantee the functionality for the new buyer.

I am a business customer - How do I receive an invoice?

After successfully completing your order, you can request your invoice in the order portal.

Questions regarding the shop and VGO

Why do you do verification checks?

Due to massive fraud with online payment providers and to ensure a high level of security for our customers, we execute random verification measures as described in our terms and conditions under paragraph 2.10. Of course, confidential content can be made unrecognizable and the data will be deleted immediately after our review and will not be disclosed to third parties.

Which payments methods does VGO offer?

Currently we offer PayPal, Sofort, Trustly, Giropay and bank transfer as payment methods. We always strive to provide additional payment methods for our customers.

How can I get in touch with VGO?

You can send us an e-mail under, or you can contact our support center (on the right side of the page) or our Whatsapp customer service (+49 151 55806733).


How can I protect myself from online fraud?

Please buy your vouchers only for yourself or for people you know personally. Often the gift cards in the form of codes are requested by online scammers as a form of payment, because they are transmitted anonymously and therefore can not be traced. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to almost impossible to track down these types of fraudsters. Therefore, please always make sure that the voucher cards are only used for traceable payment methods. You will lose the credit and therefore your money the moment you share the digital code with a strange, unauthorized person. The gift cards and virtual vouchers can be redeemed at any time and are therefore non-refundable.


I have been scammed, what can I do?

Please do not share any more credit codes with unknown people. Please remember: digital vouchers are non-refundable. If you have been a victim of this type of fraud, please contact your local police department to file a complaint against Unnamed. 

Can I get the money back from VGO-Shop?

Unfortunately, digital credits are generally excluded from the right of withdrawal (see our conditions & terms). The codes can be redeemed at any time and are no longer exclusively in our hands. Therefore, we would not be able to guarantee the functionality of the product when selling it again to our customers.

Current types of fraud

Credit cards as a payment method: 

Please redeem credit codes only on designated websites, because no reputable company will ask you to pay with a gift card. Therefore, never give the codes purchased here to unknown people!

Distress scams:

You will be told stories that someone has nothing to eat, a loved one needs an urgent surgery or a trip to visit their mother is required. Please don't fall for these lies and don't give out the credit codes.

Phishing e-mails:

You receive an email which appears to be from your PayPal or bank account. You are asked to submit your login details due to suspicious activity on your account. Please note that never PayPal or your bank will ask for your login details!


Payment link via text message:

You receive a text message asking you to send money to a stranger due to debt. You are supposed to pay your debts via a link. Please never click on this link, as this will trigger a mobile payment, and you will be charged a large amount via your cell phone bill.

Watch promotional videos:

You are offered to earn money by watching promotional videos. You are supposed to be able to multiply these earnings by inviting your friends to earn money this easy way as well. Now you will be asked to buy a credit card so that your friends will have the opportunity to sign up. Please, never send a gift card code to strangers, because there is a high probability that this is a scam.


Fraud on online orders:

You want to buy a product online on one of the popular platforms such as eBay or Facebook. You are asked for your email address and you then receive an email supposedly from a logistics provider such as UPS or DHL asking you to pay a service fee in advance using a digital gift card. As soon as you have sent this, all communication is cut off and you have thus lost your money.

Love scamming:

You've met and fallen in love with someone online on a dating platform. Suddenly, your new partner cites various reasons why he or she needs money. For example, an important surgery of a family member needs to be paid for, or for the trip to visit you. You are then asked to send a digital credit code to him or her to solve the particular problem. Again and again, you will be asked to make further payments. Sooner or later, the contact will be broken off and a meeting will never take place.


Triangle scam:

A fraudster sells a product on an online platform, and sells it for a tempting price. A potential customer signs up and gives his data to the fraudster. With this data, the fraudster creates an order e.g. at VGO-Shop for the value at which he offered the product to the buyer. The buyer then transfers the specified amount to the account of VGO-Shop, indicating the order number. The fraudster then receives the digital code to the email address provided by him, and the defrauded person, of course, does not receive the actually purchased goods.

Microsoft Fraud:

A fraudster pretends to be a Microsoft employee over the phone (often with elderly people) and tells them that something is wrong with their computer. The person being deceived then gives the fraudster permission to access their computer, and now the fraudster can make illegal purchases from us under someone else's name and receive the digital credit codes.