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Secure Payment

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Receive your IKEA gift card within seconds

Receive your IKEA gift card within seconds

If you're running out of time, you'll get the right code for your IKEA voucher in the VGO-Shop within seconds. The code will be sent automatically to the e-mail address provided after successful payment. This is done at any time of the day and 7 days a week.

Validity of the IKEA codes:

Validity of the IKEA codes:

The validity of the IKEA vouchers is 10 years. 

Buy IKEA Gift Card Online

Do you ever think what would be the best option that you can opt for gifting? Sometimes, it is very hard to find out a perfect gift for your loved ones. But this is made easier with the Ikea gift card offered by VGO-Shop as it is very easy to use. IKEA works with a philosophy to design the products that are meant for improving the way we style our home. All of them are innovative, meant for daily use, sustainable and cost-effective. You also get several options to select from, such as IKEA 15€, IKEA 25€, IKEA 50€, and IKEA 100€.

What can you buy with an online IKEA gift card?

Ikea gift card online gives you enormous reasons to smile. So, there are many things you can buy using your Ikea gift card balance. Let’s have a look at some of the products that you can buy using this card offered by the VGO-Shop.

• Getting a free coffee

With an Ikea gift card, you can pick up a cup of tea or coffee. You just have to flash your card and enjoy the delicious coffee. For this, you can use the discount Ikea code to redeem your gift card quickly.

• Ikea gift card is designed specifically for impulse buys

Ikea products do attract buyers and especially those who love shopping. This card is ideal for not only saving your time but money too.

• Get the furniture of your choice By using a discount Ikea code, you can directly pick your furniture from the store or buy it online at affordable prices. Thus, you can avoid standing in queue and expensive shipping charges as well. So, get a suitable Ikea gift card for your next purchase right now from VGO-Shop.

Underlined perks of having Ikea gift card online

Many people love Ikea for the products they are offering. The home furnishings and décor are stylish yet affordable. Hence, you can’t overrule the perks of having an online Ikea gift card. The best thing is that it becomes an easy gifting option to your loved one for different occasions. There are numerous benefits and freebies available with the Ikea gift card.

• Skip the queue

This is the biggest advantage for those who like to go shopping now and then. Year-round you can enjoy the advantages by using a card that can get activated after you use the Ikea code. Whether you want to purchase kitchen items or like to spend some big amount, you can take the advantage of Ikea's biggest sales using the discount Ikea code. Even when there is a crowd and long billing lines, you can still save big and avoid being standing in a queue.

• Get the special invitations to different events If you have an Ikea gift card balance, you can witness different events like competitions, store activities, and many more.

• Protect your newly purchased products Presenting your Ikea gift card online at the time of purchase ensure that there is no accidental damage.

• Get the special birthday advantages You must have noticed that Ikea always asks for your birthday. Ikea offers free birthday meal coupons to the customers that they can use during their birthday month while using the Ikea code.

• Customized options Ikea is presenting customized options to the customers when you use the Ikea code. You can easily update your living space and find suitable recommendations from customer support.

• Get the e-receipt and purchase history Are you not able to get a receipt of what you are not buying? Get an Ikea gift card and use it every time, you will get an e-receipt. Find the store to visit and get the online receipt.

• Don’t stress out about missing a deal After getting an online Ikea gift card, you can get 90-day protection. If you purchase the items that are on sale within three months of the purchase date, there are chances that you will get a refund. So, having an Ikea gift card is a wise decision. Choose your favourite Ikea gift card from the range of cards such as IKEA 15€, IKEA 25€, IKEA 50€, and IKEA 100€.

Is it worth buying an online Ikea gift card?

Well, you must have understood about the perks of having a discount Ikea code regardless of the fact that how much you spend on shopping. Whether you are getting a free cup of coffee or getting attractive discounts, an Ikea gift card is the best that you can have or gift to someone else. So, next time when you are up to shopping, make sure to use your Ikea gift card online.

Common FAQs that can clear all your queries if you are doubtful about online Ikea gift card

  1. Can I buy a product on EMI on getting the credit card?
  2. You can always avail the benefits of an EMI. It is present as an open-loop card, which is used for making all purchases, and by using an Ikea card all the expenses can be paid in EMI or full payment.
  3. Is it possible to convert my existing bank card to an Ikea gift credit card?
  4. No, you cannot convert your existing credit card to an Ikea gift card.
  5. What is the tenure period of EMI?
  6. The basic tenure period ranges from 3 months to 48 months for EMIs.
  7. Can I swipe my Ikea card outside the Ikea store?
  8. Absolutely yes, it is possible to use the Ikea gift card balance offered by VGO Shop for making online as well as offline purchases even after the Ikea store.
  9. What is the process of purchasing an Ikea gift card online?
  10. Visit VGO-Shop where you can find a plethora of options associated with buying an Ikea card. The team will guide you in purchasing the card without getting into much trouble.
  11. For how much time is the gift card valid?
  12. Usually, the online Ikea gift card is valid up to a year from the date of issue.
  13. How can I check the remaining balance of my card?
  14. It is easy to check the Ikea gift card balance by connecting with customer support.
  15. Can I buy multiple Ikea cards?
  16. Yes, you can easily buy multiple cards for gifting or personal use.
  17. What are various modes of payment by which I can purchase the Ikea gift cards?
  18. You can use different methods to complete your payment like VISA, MASTER, RuPay, Diners, AMEX, UPI, Bharat, QR, NEFT, and Cash.
  19. Do I need to submit documents for buying the gift cards?
  20. If you are buying the gift cards in cash, it is required to provide a self-attested copy of identity proof and address in order to complete KYC. In case, you are purchasing gift cards of an amount above 200000 per day, there is a need to submit the PAN card. Hence, you can easily avail the discount Ikea code.
  21. Can I get a refund if cancel the gift card?
  22. Usually, the gift cards cannot be exchanged or cancelled for cash. Please note that there is no refund policy for the amount that is loaded on Gift Cards.

Ikea gift card holders are treated like a king

Sometimes, people are not able to understand the advantages of Ikea gift cards. This post will definitely help you note the perks of Ikea cards that can be redeemed by the Ikea code. You never know what surprise you will get in the future. So, enjoy shopping for different home products to beautify your home and gain applauds from your guests.

Buy Ikea Gift Card Online from VGO-Shop

VGO-Shop is a name that has to captivate different industries like software, virtual currencies, and gift cards that have become an excellent choice for gifting purposes among many people. Our Ikea gift cards are chosen by people to enjoy the ultimate benefits of these cards. Moreover, it is also simple to redeem the gift cards using the Ikea code. So, if you are also confused about what to gift your loved ones, no worries, VGO Shop offers Ikea cards that can be a perfect gift. Choose your appropriate Ikea gift card from the latest VGO shop collection such as IKEA 15€, IKEA 25€, IKEA 50€, and IKEA 100€ and crack the most exceptional deal.

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