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League of Legends Riot Points

League of Legends – An online game which is fascinating million players. It is a fast game and it combines real-time strategy with elements of role-playing games. Your teammates and compition can be chosen by a matchmaking-system or with the help of a friends list. Every team consists of its own champion, a unique playing style and an own design. They fight on different battlefields and in different modes against each other.

Equipments and features due to Riot Points

As in many other online games, aesthetic equipments are very important to hold your own in combat. To buy League of Legends Riot points means to influence the game in a positive way with the help of champions, skins or boosts. The Riot Points can be purchased with real money and be exchanged for special extras in the game. It increases the game stimulus as well as it helps to achieve the victory for your team. Riot Points help you to make the game easier because you are now able to use a new champion during the game or give it a new appearance. Furthermore, you can exchange the Riot Points to experience points or summoning points to achieve a higher level in the game.

Buy League of Legends Riot Points credit

You can buy League of League of Legends Riot Points credit in different ways. One possiblity is to pay via PayPal, to buy a prepaid card, to pay via Sofort banking or Skrill. After having redeemed the purchased code, the funds will be added to your account within a few minutes and they can be used immediately. Many passioned players use the Riot Points to simplify the game and to improve their strategy to be successful in the battle. Make sure to get your hands on Riot Points for your League of Legends account - quickly and safe! Receive your code by e-Mail, activate it in your user account and have additional RP at your disposal shortly after. Use your Riot Points wisely... and destroy your opponents in League of Legends!

Buy League of Legends Riot Points online

Buy League of Legends Riot Points online to get new champions, skins or boosts to dominate in your LoL games. After the purchase of the Riot Points, you will get a giftcard code via email within a few minutes, to activate your purchased amount of LoL riot points. We are currently offering Lol cards with the amount of 1580 Riot Points and 3250 RP in Euro.

Purchase Riot Points

To purchase RP for League of Legends, we offer you different payments options like credit card, PayPal or Paysafecard. The average delivery speed of Riot Points at VGO-Shop is below three minutes. So especially before tough LoL matches, you have always the choice to buy yourself some new champions with the help of our LoL prepaid cards.

League of Legends Riot Points gift card

League of Legends Riot Points gift cards are a always a great idea as a present for gamers. On average 67 millions players are playing LoL every month – more than 27 million at least with one game per day. That means that the rising publicity of LoL make Riot Points even more attractive for gamers all over the world.

Don‘t fall for free riot point scams

Unfortunately there a lot websites which offer free riot points, which are phising or scam websites. So never fill in account details of your League of Legends account or enter your mobile phone number for any subscriptions.

Active your riot points code

  1. Navigate to the riot games store and click on „Buy RP“.
  2. Choose the payment method „Prepaid-Card“.
  3. Copy the LoL Riot Points code from your email and paste it into the given textbox.
  4. Click on „Buy now“.
Enjoy your game with your newly added riot points!