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Buy PSN Cards

If you want to buy a PSN Card, you have come to the right place - in the VGO-Shop you can buy PSN credits every day at any time with a fast delivery time of usually less than 5 minutes after the successful payment. This will save you the trip to the nearest kiosk or petrol station, where Playstation cards are only available for the normal price. In addition to the fast delivery time, you benefit from the cheapest prices, so that you usually receive more PSN credits than you actually pay. After ordering, you will receive the PSN code via e-mail and can also view it in your VGO-Shop account at any time. You can find out in advance about the current availability on the respective product page of your desired Playstation Network code.

Buy PSN card for the correct region

If you decide to charge your PSN account, you need to know in advance which country your PSN account is registered in. For example, PSN Cards have a strict country separation, so you can only activate funds that are actually destined for the country of your PSN account. If you are unsure which balance is right for your PSN account, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form - we are happy to help!

Buy Playstation Network Card Online

With a deposit in the Playstation Store you can buy new games, movies or music. The use of credits is very convenient, because you always keep an eye on the costs. In addition, it is not necessary to enter the details of a credit card or your account information. If you buy Playstation Network codes, you can redeem it immediately. Take the opportunity to buy it online. You can make the purchase very flexible wherever you have an Internet connection. Buy the credit from your phone or use the PC. Not only can you use the credit immediately, but you also save lots of time if you choose to buy PSN card online. It is not necessary to drive to the nearest supermarket or gas station first. With just a few clicks, you have purchased and debited to your Playstation Network account. Then you can spend the funds immediately. Buy it for yourself or give it to friends or to a family member.

Buy PSN card flexibly

You can decide for yourself how much you want to top up your balance. Benefit from the immediate availability of the credit. When you buy a Playstation Network card, you will receive a code that you can enter on your account. Your balance will be increased by the amount purchased and you can shop immediately afterwards. As flexible as you buy the PSN Card, you can use it as well. Consume the funds for all items that you can purchase in the store. The online purchase of is done within a few moments. The shipping of the PSN code takes place as soon as possible after the order. They are not tied to opening hours or time.