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Easily recharge your PSN Account with russian PSN cards

The PlayStation is one of the most famous gaming consoles and is even more interesting, if it is being used with the PlayStation Network or PSN. Like with AppStores for smartphones or consoles, the network does allow to purchase a wide variety of apps, games and other tools. However, while some of the offers on the PSN are free, many of the games and offers do cost money. In order to pay for your purchases, you can use a PSN Card RU instead of a credit card.

What is a PSN Card?

A PSN Card is a prepaid card, that can be used in the PlayStation Network, to recharge your account balance and to make purchases. The great advantage of the PSN Card RU is, that you do not require a credit nor do you have to disclose any kind of personal information. Using the PSN Vouchers, even minors or people without a credit card do get the opportunity, to purchase in the PSN network as well. In addition, this does allow for full cost control, as you are always aware of your balance and can only make payments as long as your balance is sufficient.

How does the PSN Card work?

The PSN Card works in a convenient and easy way. Once purchased, you log into your PSN Account and enter the unique number code found on the card. For digital purchases, this code is being emailed to you. Once the code has been entered and validated, you receive your balance on the PlayStation Network immediately. PSN RU Cards are available as 2500 rubles PSN and 1000 Rubles PSN and can be acquired directly through our webstore.

How does buying the PSN Cards work?

You can buy the 2500 rubles PSN cards as well as the 1000 rubles PSN Cards on our website, using the store. Once registered, you simply have to chose the amount of rubles you wish to recharge and buy the appropriate cards. You can even purchase more than one card, for example if you want to have some reserves or if you need more than the 2500 rubles. Once you have made your payment for the PSN Card, you will receive an email, confirming your order. The same mail does also include the code needed, to recharge your account. It is that easy!