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Buy Paysafecard online

If you want to buy paysafecard online, VGO-Shop is the correct address for it. We offer you to buy PSC credit online round the clock with a fast delivery time of mostly less than 5 minutes after successful payment. This delivery method saves you the way to the next kiosk or gasoline station which additionally have a limit in case of purchasing paysafecards. We offer you different amounts of credit: From 5€ PSC credit to 100€ - we are constantly working to have the codes in stock. After having purchased, you receive your PSC prepaid code (16 digits) by e-mail which can be reviewed at any time in your VGO-Shop account. Please inform yourself about the current availability in the product detail page of your desired PSC credit.

Paysafecard worldwide

The company Paysafe exists since 2000 and they distrubute their products in the meantime in 43 countries. In 2015, Paysafecard payment was launched in Kuwait and New Zealand. Due to the expansion policy of Paysafe, we can expect that further markets will be developed and Paysafe will increase of international importance. Since the takeover of the Optimal Payments Group and the renaming into Paysafe Group in 2015, cooperations are especially promoted with payment providers such as Skrill or Neteller and they try to be the number one in online payment options. The main sales remain in the founding countries Germany and Austria where it’s difficult to find national competition.

Paysafe credit

You can use Paysafe credit to pay in many different online shops. Paysafecards are especially popular in the area of online games and dating, poker and sports betting due to the anonymity which is offered by Paysafecard. These PSC codes, also known as Paysafecard PIN are combinable in many online shops. That means, when you add several codes, you can reach an amount of more than 100 Euro. We recommend to register a „my paysafecard account“ to manage Paysafecard PINs.

Withdraw Paysafecard

It is not possible to withdraw the credit directly which is on a Paysafecard. But there is a way to do it: You register at a popular betting provider and you open an account there (Also existing accounts work fine). The customer charges this account with the credit of the Paysafecard and the necessary turnovers need to be done. Afterwards it is normally possible to withdraw the money to your bank account or in another comfortable way. This behaviour is usually prohibited as per the general conditions of the sites. We have no liability for misuse.

PSC prepaid cards

Paysafecard prepaid cards are also called PINs and normally they consist of 16 digits. Purchasing them in stores, you receive a receipt which includes the code. VGO-Shop sends you the code by e-mail so that you can copy and paste it in the field in the shop of your choice. This method avoids errors from the start – for a comfortable way to pay online. In addition, the PSC codes are reviewable in the VGO-Shop at any time which protects you to lose the valuable Paysafecard PINs!

Remaining Paysafecard credit

There are two possibilites to check the remaining credit of your Paysafecard securely. One of them is to use the service of Paysafe „my paysafecard“. If you have opened an account and succededed the verification measurement, you can log in with your user name and your password to add as many PINs as you want to your account. The credit will be added to your account and it is shown as a total sum (the value of your paysafe codes together). The payment in online shops will be proceeded only with your user name and your password and the amount will be debited on your account. This offers you the ability to review your remaining Paysafecard credit at all time. If you prefer to stay anonymous, you can enter the 16 digits PSC Pin on to check the remaining balance of each of your codes.


Paysafecards are often wrongly called Paysavecards. Even though it sounds correct due to the word „save“, Paysafe is a registered company name and not possible to use in a different way. If you find web pages which offer them under the wrong name, we recommend you to avoid these. Many cases of fraud occured concerning Paysafecards, that’s why you shuld take care to whom you forward your Paysafecard PIN.

Fraud with Paysafecard

Due to an easy robbery of PSC Pins, there are many fraud attempts concerning Paysafecards. That’s why you should never send the code to a third person because it equals sending money. Afterwards it is not possible to check who and when the credit has been used because of the anonymity which is offered by Paysafecard. This anonymity leads these fraudster to feel secure doing misuse. We also recommend you to take care on websites which require to enter the PINs immediately because this method is often used to scam and you lose all your credit – without any chance to get the money back. For safety reasons, the codes should be saved in a „my paysafecard“ account which avoids using codes for more than one time.

Buy Paysafecard online at VGO-Shop

At VGO-Shop you can buy Paysafecard online at home or on your internet-ready device. The advantage of buying Paysafecards online is the fast availability of the credit without much effort. VirtualGoodsOnline delivers the ordered PIN within 5 minutes after successful payment by e-mail. The PSC prepaid code is a PIN consisting of 16 digits which will be delivered by e-mail and which can also be reviewed in your VGO-Shop account. VirtualGoodsOnline provides the option to buy Paysafecard credit of 5€ until 100€.