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Are you thinking about where can I buy Xbox gift cards online? VGO shop is the perfect place for you. Here, you can get Xbox gift cards for sale along with several other offers and benefits like super-fast delivery and more. Before you plan to buy an Xbox gift card online, it is essential to know what an Xbox gift card is and where it is used. The Xbox gift card is used to buy entertainment, games, TV shows, movies, music, and more. Xbox has premium entertainment and provides access to download all the applications you like. With Xbox live card, you can download the latest blockbuster games the same day of their release. Xbox gift cards are the perfect gift option for any gamers who love playing the latest and blockbuster games. Apart from that, the Xbox gift card also gives you access to purchase the hottest movies, music, TV shows, apps, and much more. You can buy Xbox live gift card online directly from the Microsoft store, or if you need the best deals and offers on your purchase, then go to an online store like VGO shop. Here, you will get the best and lowest price along with several cashback offers. You don’t have to worry about expiration dates and fees as the Xbox gift card codes come with unlimited validity, and you don’t have to pay any extra cost apart from the actual price.

VGO shop offers different types of Xbox gift cards, such as Xbox Live 50£, Xbox Live 25$, Xbox Live 10€, Xbox Live 75€, Xbox Live 15$, Xbox Live 20£, and many more. Choose your favourite Xbox gift card and place your order. The card will be delivered on your provided email ID; if you have opted for the regular delivery option, then you will receive the card at the provided address in the minimum time. However, digital delivery is widely preferred because it takes only a few minutes to deliver the card to the customer’s inbox after the order placement.

Xbox Gift Card Redeem Process

Being a permanent user of Xbox gift, you must be well-known with the Xbox gift card redeem process, whether to redeem it on a Windows device or Xbox series X|S. Although, if you are a new user and will use an Xbox gift card for the first time, then you should be familiar with the Xbox gift card redeem procedure discussed below. Please follow the steps carefully to redeem your Xbox gift card codes.

How to redeem Xbox gift card codes from Microsoft account on Windows 10 device?

If you have a Windows 10 gadget and want to redeem the Xbox gift card on that gadget, then follow the below steps carefully. If you stuck somewhere while following the steps, then contact the Xbox support team, and they will help you out.

Note: If you have opted for physical delivery of your Xbox gift card, then scratch off the tag and get the Xbox gift card code before you start the Xbox gift card redeem procedure.

  1. Open your Windows 10 gadget
  2. Launch the Microsoft Store present on the taskbar
  3. In the Microsoft Store, choose the See more … menu. (You can find the same next to the search bar present on the upper right corner of the screen)
  4. Now, choose Redeem a code. If you haven’t logged in yet, then log in with the Microsoft account on which you wish to redeem the Xbox gift card code
  5. Now, type the 25-digit code you received in your inbox or after scratching the level, and then choose Redeem. You don’t have to worry about the hyphens present in the code, and the system will take care of that
  6. The Xbox gift card is successfully redeemed now

Buy Xbox Live - not just to play

Xbox Live credits offer members new uses besides new games, add-ons, exclusive discounts and Games on Demand titles. You can choose from over 30 million songs that you can stream, download and collect on your devices via Xbox Music. Xbox Video gives you the ability to rent or buy the latest series and movies in HD. Simply buy Xbox Live codes, redeem them and get started. The contents are available immediately after entering the code. Whether tablet, PC or TV, to buy Xbox live makes you see what you want, anytime and anywhere.

How to redeem Xbox gift card codes on Xbox one and Xbox Series X|S?

If you are looking to redeem an Xbox gift card code on your Xbox One or Xbox series X|S, then follow the below-mentioned points. If there is any error or issue while redeeming the code, contact the Xbox support service and get instant help. Note: Please note that if you have received your card at your address, then scratch the label to get the code and start the procedure.
  1. Open your Xbox One or Xbox series X|S
  2. Log in to your Xbox console (ensure that you have signed in with the similar Microsoft account in which you want to redeem the Xbox gift card code)
  3. Now, choose and launch the Store app from the Home screen of your Xbox console. (If you can’t see the Store app, then visit My games & apps, choose Apps, and then choose the Store app from there)
  4. Once you reach the Store app, scroll the cursor left or tap the View button present on the controller to launch the side menu
  5. Choose Redeem from the menu
  6. Now, type the 25-digit code you received after scratching off the tag or in your inbox and then follow the on-screen instructions. You don’t have to worry about the hyphens you received in the code, and the system will look after that

Buy Xbox Gift Cards Online from VGO Shop

Are you looking for the best deals and offers while shopping for your favourite Xbox gift card online? Well, you have visited the correct place. VGO shop offers the lowest price in the market along with several other benefits and deals. A number of Xbox gift cards are available at the VGO shop, like Xbox Live 30€ , Xbox Live 10$ USD , Xbox Live 15$ USD , Xbox Live 25$ USD , Xbox Live 50£ GBP and many more. It doesn’t matter from which country you come; the VGO shop has all types of Xbox gift cards codes specific to a particular country or region. Suppose, you are from the UK, then you have to purchase an Xbox gift card UK. Similarly, if you are from US, then you can go for an Xbox gift card US. Make sure you choose the right Xbox gift card according to your specific country before placing your order here. VGO-Shop supports all types of secure payment services, whether it is a credit card, PaySafeCard, Sofort, or PayPal. You have to choose one of the payment options to pay the total amount to complete your order.

We do not prefer wasting anyone’s time, and that’s why we make it easy for the customers. You have to select the value of your Xbox gift card (let’s say Xbox Live 50$ USD) and then use one of the secure payment options available on the screen to finish the order. Once the transaction is done, the Xbox gift card will be delivered to the provided email ID of the customer. If you have not opted for digital delivery, the card will be delivered to your address in the minimum possible time. Along with the Xbox live card codes, you will also receive the redeem information and your purchase receipt. The Xbox gift card redeem process is simple, and we have already discussed it in the above sections. Still, if you face any problems, contact us directly or the Xbox support team. We are more than happy to assist you anytime. Still thinking about where can I buy Xbox gift cards online, place your order in the VGO-Shop right now and get the most exceptional deal.

Buy Xbox Gift Cards Online